Prices are for clinic appointments (mobile prices vary), all services are up to 50 minutes in length. You do not have to have a sports injury to see me, I see all types of pain and injuries, including following operations like knee replacements. If you have pain, I can probably help.

Injury Diagnosis
Expert level injury assessments using elite level techniques. We will find the root cause of your pain/injury to solve your pain for good. We don't simply treat the symptoms, we prevent your pain coming back.
Injury Treatment/Rehabilitation
Elite level treatment techniques to reduce your pain fast. Cure your neck, back, shoulder, hip, knee or foot pain quickly by reducing your symptoms and rehabilitating the injury using simple, effective exercises.
Phits 3D Printed Orthotic Insoles
Do you have foot, ankle, knee or back pain? Phits 3D printed orthotics are world leading insoles, the best in class. Recommended by surgeons, loved by athletes, worn by all. 3D printed insoles that have data driven designs to ensure they adapt to the way your feet move, no foot moulds, no static measuring, based on your individual foot movements. NOTHING in the world comes close. Check out the 'Footscan' page at the top for more info.
FootScan Gait Analysis
Footscan is the gait analysis behind Phits' world leading insoles. The data that drives the design, no more foot casts, we look at how your foot moves, where you take the most load and for how long. Check out the 'Footscan' page at the top for more info.
Shockwave Therapy
The best treatment available for tendon issues, tennis/golfers elbow, lateral hip pain, patellar tendinopathy, achilles tendinopathy and plantar fasciitis; shockwave alongside rehabilitation is the gold standard. This treatment provides fast results in up to just six sessions. Cure your tendon issue fast! Check out the 'Shockwave' page at the top for more info.
Medical Acupuncture
A western approach to Chinese medicine, medical acupuncture uses needles to cause local twitch responses that can help pain from trigger points (tight, taught muscle). Although occasionally a little uncomfortable, the needles as thin as hairs don't actually hurt. If you have referred pain, headaches, tight/taught muscles, medical acupuncture or dry needling could help you.
Sports/Deep Tissue Massage
Specifically tailored massage therapy whether you are professional, semi professional, amateur or just need some muscle therapy, sports massage is for you. Massage helps relax muscles, promotes blood flow and recovery and makes you feel good! Sports massage can help reduce your sensitivity, including back pain.
We also have access to a quiet local swimming pool, warm enough to use for hydrotherapy. Do you need help before/after knee or hip replacement? Hydrotherapy allows for body weight support and compression to assist with pain and swelling, whilst using the water to help strengthen tissues and start your rehabilitation. Extremely useful for those who have been in high levels of pain or have lots of swelling.
Personal Training
1-1 personal training in our private gym space, so no prying eyes. Perfect for those who don't like the gym or aren't yet confident enough to train infront of others. Please ask about Small Group Training (SGT) to train with your friends!

Rigid/Kinesiology Taping is included in the session price.

Please be advised there is a cancellation fee of 100% on appointments that are cancelled less than 24 hours prior or for no shows.

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