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Body & Motion Performance Coaching

By October 8, 2021No Comments

Body & Motion Performance Coaching

Brief overview:

Body & Motion Performance Coaching is our new online performance coaching service to make you a better athlete.

Who is this for?

 Professionals, semi-professionals or competitive sports people that want to take their performance to the next level through structured, properly periodised, specific training.

 Why do you need it?

 You’ve been training at the gym or on the track/road/trails and you’re performing, but you want that little bit more. Those extra few seconds cut from your personal best, that extra distance before fatigue sets in, those extra reps or that little bit more weight on your lifts. But how do you get there?

Periodisation, progressive overload, recovery. You turn up, we’ll do the rest.

 What’s included?

 Body & Motion Performance Coaching is an easy to follow, structured exercise programme specific to your sporting and performance goals.

After your initial consultation, you will be designed a periodical strength and conditioning programme that will fit seamlessly into you current exercise schedule.

Your exercise programme will be available to you each week with the chance to make adjustments and alterations designed to fit around your lifestyle, competition or fatigue levels.

Each workout will come with a session goal, appropriate warm up, main session and cool down. Exercise demonstrations will be provided if necessary.

Each session will be part of a block with a specific performance aim. These aims will be structured around your annual competition season, either pre, during or off season.

What else is included?

 Alongside your physical training, you will have access to daily support which includes exercise video analysis.

The programme features frequent check ins, weekly, fortnightly or monthly (this is completely up to you).

Nutritional guidance and the opportunity for a food diary analysis is complementary upon purchase of the programme.

What are you waiting for?

Do you want to take your athletic performance to the next level?

Do you need help to recover properly between sessions and learn to manage fatigue?

Do you want to reach peak performance for your competitions?

Get in touch us through the contact tab for prices or to arrange your consultation.