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How much do we value our health and wellbeing?

By July 18, 2021No Comments

After the last year and a half of.. interesting (?) events, lockdown will no doubt have had it’s effects on each and every one of us in all aspects of our lives. After speaking with a close friend who is a strong mental health and wellbeing advocate, he gave me his thoughts on the last year. “If lockdown has taught me anything, it’s people will take short cuts with everything to save themselves money and if something costs, people run the other way.”

It led me to think, how much do we really value our own health and wellbeing? Many of us would claim we couldn’t afford to pay privately for forms of healthcare, physiotherapy, podiatry, personal training. But we would spend £5 per day on lunches from a shop or canteen that we could make ourselves at home for £2. Or that coffee on the way to work for £2, every single day. The pub or drinks every single weekend, but can’t afford to look after your body?

We only have one body, possibly only one life (that’s a different matter), so when are we going to put our health and wellbeing first? That monthly massage to give you an hour to yourself and help physically. That investment in a new pair of trainers or orthotics. That one hour per week for a personal trainer or coach. The extra £3 to make yourself a steak dinner instead of your fast food alternative.

Can you really put a value on your health and wellbeing? Could you really not afford to look after yourself?

Take a minute, evaluate your priorities, book that massage, message a personal trainer to book in, fix your injury, value your life.